What to Look for After an Earthquake

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You know an earthquake hits when you see your jug of water tumble or your chandelier sway back and forth or maybe when your dog runs frightened under your table but what happens after an earthquake? After the panic of running out with your dog outside a flat area with no trees or building to possibly tumble down, how can you be sure that your home is safe to reside back in? 

More often than not, earthquakes take a toll more on our roofs and our walls. Sometimes cracks can be visible and roofs can be unleveled but how do we know if our homes need some fixing?  

After an earthquake, you need to do some inspection on your own, especially if you want somewhere safe to sleep in for the night. 

  1. Look out for Aftershocks: We can be tempted to climb our roofs when we read somewhere on the internet to check if our roofs have acquired any damage, but this can be so wrong in many ways. Just like how an earthquake can be very unpredictable, so are aftershocks. If an earthquake has hit and you want to check your home or roof’s condition please avoid trying to be hero and climbing up your roof, an aftershock might be just around in minutes and it will be very dangerous for you to be on top of your roof when you don’t even know the situation of the foundation of your home. 
  1. Examine your Chimney: Your chimney may be there for ages now and due to the earthquake your chimney might fall apart. Check on the bricks of your chimney right away, it may be missing some pieces or have parts where it cracked, even the ones as thin as hair should not be taken lightly. In the situation you find these indicators, you should know your chimney needs repair. This kind of damage will not only make your house fall apart but also could turn into situations like fire and poison through smoke. 
  1. Check your roof: Your roof is the one who gives you and your home shade and protection. After that earthquake shook the foundation of your home it is reasonable to check on your roof as well. Your roof might be missing a shingle or some singles may be broken or damaged and this can cause leakage of water and can lead to further damage inside your home. If ever you’re noticing some very big gaps in your roof or a significant hole or opening, cover it with something or at best call a professional help you with the problem and save your bucks for further damage it can possibly cause. 

In a situation like an earthquake, a lot of damage is considered. However, when you have roof problems after such event, it is best to not take it lightly and take action right away. Leaving your roof damaged can lead to a lot of damage like leakage and moisture. If you want reliable people, fix leaking roof Honolulu can do it just for you. Check on their page to get the help you need today!  

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